Ok…Here We Go!

I had recently been asked what it is that I do to feed my soul…and I was blank. I was dumbfounded. How could I have been missing the most obvious key to happiness and success??  There are so many things that I WANT to try and I keep meaning to get to them eventually…but I procrastinate. Well enough is enough…my hope is that through writing and sharing my adventures in feeding my soul…finding things that bring my joy…it will help me to achieve peace of mind and contentment…

You see…my mind is extremely chaotic and jumps all over the place. I just can’t seem to focus. I am sure this blog post will be indication of the chaos because it likely does not even flow well. I find something that I am interested in…feel that I am so passionate about it…and then…what was I doing again? I also find that I can agitated quite quickly and I always think it is because I am not content with my life…

I’ve dabbled with blogging on and off for years…but always fell off the wagon. I do find writing very cathartic but I just could not get myself to keep on top of it..and I don’t know why. For the past year, I have been trying to discover myself and what makes me tick…but I still continue to struggle. I have also been told that I hold onto the past, which is the reason why I have been so unsuccessful with relationships. I FEEL and KNOW that there is something bigger out there for me…but I just can’t quite put my finger on what that is just yet.


Even though we can make changes at anytime of the year…there is something about a new year that allows us to feel like the slate has been wiped clean and we can start fresh. My intention was to start the year by purging all traces of negative energy and practicing minimalism…but…first thing on New Year’s Day I was woken up really early to find out that a drunk driver had hit my parked car. But…I REFUSED to give any meaning to this event…and while I had to deal with the insurance company and car rental…I did manage to purge a lot of clothes…although it seems like I didn’t even make a dent!

So here I am…you will be reading a mix of my random meanderings and my adventures on feeding my soul and doing and finding things that bring my joy! It is to help me with my goal of pursuing and discovering my dreams…and perhaps I will obtain a reader or two who wants to join me in FEEDING THEIR SOULS!!

First stop…trying an aerial silks class…although that being said…going will be weather dependent!


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